9 Trendy Thanksgiving Party Themes for Adults

Adults toasting for thanksgiving party. Vibrant decorations in there comfy clothes.

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Thanksgiving Party Themes for Adults

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and indulging in delicious food. While many associate this holiday with Thanksgiving activities, turkey, and stuffing spread, it can also be an opportunity to host a memorable party for adults. In this article, we will explore some unique and exciting Thanksgiving party themes for adults that are sure to swoon your guests.

These Thanksgiving party themes for adults may vary from fancy to creative and modern. At the end of the celebration don’t forget to express gratitude to anyone who is always been there.

Be sure to not get your adult guests bored! Get inspiration from these Thanksgiving activities and games.

A Glamorous Adult Thanksgiving Party Theme for the Senses

Sophistication at its finest. Host a wine and cheese tasting party as candles flicker and laughter fills the room. Let your guest indulge for the night. 

Think of velvet tablecloths, glistening crystal glassware, and decadent centerpieces. 

Set the tone with a black-tie dress code, ensuring your guests channel their inner glamorous stars. 

Select a variety of wines and pair them with different types of cheeses around the world. Offer a range of accompaniments, such as crackers, grapes, and honey, to enhance the tasting experience. 

Not sure what to serve? Get this 50 drool-worthy idea guide.

This Thanksgiving party theme for adults provides an opportunity for guests to explore new flavors and engage in lively conversations and appreciation for the culinary delights before them.

Dress code: Black-tie chic

Wine and cheese party theme for adult thanksgiving party. Dress in black-tie chic.

Rustic and Cozy Friendsgiving Fiesta 

If you are craving the warmth of togetherness and the charm of simplicity, a Rustic Thanksgiving party theme for adults might be your ideal theme. 

A crackling bonfire illuminated the night, a seating area with blankets and cushions, the aroma of s’mores in the air, and friends in plaid and denim mingling around the fire, just like the old times!

Encourage guests to bring homemade dishes and favorite fall beverages, such as mulled wine or hot apple cider. This Thanksgiving party theme for adults allows for a relaxed and casual atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the season while bonding with friends.

Dress code: Plaid and denim

Thanksgiving party with adults outdoors, rustic setting with smores and bonfire.

Harvest Moon Masquerade

If you are aiming to deliver an enchanted night, why not go for the classic masquerade theme? Elegance with the great outdoors, what could go wrong?

As the sun sets, transform your outdoor space with twinkling lights, plush cushions, and ornate masquerade masks.

Spend the time over pumpkin-spiced cocktails served in vintage glassware as you watch the stars above. The night will be filled with laughter and delight, and your guests will marvel at the way you’ve brought an air of magic to the Thanksgiving festivities.

The dress code? Masquerade masks and elegant attire.

Masquerade theme party for adults this thanksgiving. Time to be elegant and mysterious.

Culinary Journey Friendsgiving Potluck

For adventurous souls who love exploring new horizons, a Global Grub Gathering will simultaneously satisfy your wanderlust and taste buds. If you have a diverse group of friends or workmates, invite them and encourage each to bring a dish that reminds them of home or holds special meaning. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving with diversity and culture.

Decorate your space with travel-themed decorations, light candles, play soft background music, and have a map that serves as your party backdrop. Your guests will surely enjoy the opportunity to try flavors from various corners of the world, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie through the love language of food.

Dress code: a fashion statement back at home

Friends bring foods back from their home country or region. Potluck style thanksgiving party theme for adults.

Vintage Thanksgiving Party Theme for Adults with a Modern Twist

Take a trip down memory lane with a Vintage Thanksgiving party theme combining old-world charm with contemporary flair. 

Picture your living room decorated with vintage, classic cocktails and the soothing tunes of jazz music in the air.

Invite your guests to embrace the spirit of the Roaring Twenties with 1920s-inspired fashion. Flapper dresses, suspenders, and feathered headbands will make everyone reminisce about an era of legacy.

Set up a Thanksgiving photo booth in your living room and fill it with photo props.

As you look back and toast to the present, you’ll be in the presence of nostalgia.

Dress code: 1920s-inspired fashion

Vintage party theme for adults with jazz music and 1920s inspired fashion.

Tropical Paradise- Bringing the Beach to Your Thanksgiving

Why not ditch the traditional and bring the party to the beach or bring the beach to your party?

This theme brings the relaxed vibe of a beach vacation to your Thanksgiving gathering.

Have your space with tiki torches, vibrant floral arrangements, and an array of tropical fruits that double as decorations and refreshing treats. Have your guests don Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts as they celebrate under the sun, by the pool, or on the beach.

The atmosphere will be electrified with the energy of a tropical getaway, making it to their list of Thanksgiving parties to remember.

Dress code: florals, Hawaiian shirts, and grass skirts

Bringing the beach to the thanksgiving party. Involves vibrant fruits and cocktails.

Game Night- Playful and Competitive Thanksgiving

Think of laughter and friendly competition. This is the ideal theme for you. 

This party idea encourages your guests to let loose, embrace their inner child, and enjoy a night of rivalry and friendly roasting.

Set up stations with classic board games for Thanksgiving and a deck of cards, creating a playground of fun. 

Serve snacks of game-themed treats and finger foods. Your guests can engage in epic battles of strategy and chance of betting on the silliest things.

 This theme fosters an environment of camaraderie and liveliness, perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration that’s all about bonding over play.

Dress code: Casual and comfortable

Board games and cards themed thanksgiving party for adults.

Harvest Feast- Creating Memories

Embrace the spirit of thanksgiving with an Artistic Harvest Celebration that drives your guests to channel their inner artists. 

Set up pumpkin-painting stations and provide an array of vibrant paints, brushes, and embellishments. Watch as your guests transform your space into a gallery of festive creativity. 

Decorate your space with autumnal colors of deep oranges, rich reds, and warm browns. Adorn the tables with seasonal centerpieces, like pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves. Have the guests dress in cozy sweaters and enjoy a menu filled with traditional Thanksgiving dishes, with a few surprises.

The best part? Your Thanksgiving decorations will be beautiful and deeply personal, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit through individual creativity.

Dress code: coziest and cutest sweater

The classic thanksgiving party theme displaying vibrant oranges and warm browns.

Thanksgiving Movie Marathon Party Theme for Adults

Nothing beats a party where you can be in the comfiest clothes, with your comfort food, wrapped in your favorite blanket, and watching the warmest movie of time. 

If you and your friends are movie enthusiasts, consider hosting a Thanksgiving movie marathon party theme for adults. 

Create a cozy home theater atmosphere with dimmed lights and ample cushions, set that screen projector on the wall, and hit the play button.

Select a collection of Thanksgiving-themed movies that range from heartwarming classics to hilarious comedies. 

Serve popcorn, themed snacks, and beverages to make a truly immersive movie-watching experience.

Dress code: Pajamas

Family in pajamas watching harry potter for a thanksgiving marathon party.


There are countless ways to make your Thanksgiving party for adults an unforgettable one. Whether you opt for a traditional harvest feast theme, a potluck gathering, a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting, an outdoor bonfire, or a cozy movie marathon, the key is to create an atmosphere of warmth, gratitude, and joy. Choose a theme that resonates with your guests and infuse it with personal touches to make the occasion truly special.



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