Top 7 Thanksgiving Activities for Adults to Unwind and Enjoy

Adults celebrating Thanksgiving Party with fun-filled activities

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Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, delicious food, and lasting memories. While sharing a meal is a cherished tradition, why not infuse your holiday celebration with a sprinkle of excitement? There are plenty of Thanksgiving activities specifically tailored for adults. In this article, we will explore 7 exciting and engaging activities that will make this Thanksgiving memorable for grown-ups.

7 Thanksgiving Activities for Adults: Creative and Funfilled

Get ready to discover creative ideas for hosting a Thanksgiving party for adults. These Thanksgiving activities for adults are classic with a modern twist, fancy, and well-being-centered, the bottom line is, to be grateful and connected to our loved ones.

No idea what kind of Thanksgiving party and extra activities to throw for adults? Swoon your guests with these Thanksgiving party themes for adults.

1. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Kick off your day with a Thanksgiving gratitude game, a Scavenger Hunt that’s designed to express gratefulness and meaningful conversations. It’s really simple, here’s how to do it. 

How to execute a Thanksgiving Gratitude  Scavenger Hunt game? 

  1. Create a list of items or experiences related to gratitude and hide them around your home or outdoor space. 

Examples are:

  • Heartfelt Hues: Find something in the color that makes you feel grateful.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Locate an item from nature that reminds you of the beauty around you.
  • Warm and Cozy: Find something that gives you a feeling of comfort and coziness.
  • Little Treasures: Discover an item that holds a special memory or sentimental value.
  • A Note of Thanks: Locate a piece of paper and write down something you’re thankful for at the moment.
  • Family Connection: Find an item that represents a family member you’re thankful for.
  • Daily Delights: Locate something from your daily routine that brings a smile to your face.
  • Moments of Laughter: Spot something that reminds you of a moment when you laughed heartily.
  • Future Dreams: Find an object that symbolizes a future goal or dream you’re thankful for.
  • Friendship Reminder: Locate an item that makes you think of a dear friend you’re grateful to have.
  • Inner Strength: Discover something that represents a challenge you’ve overcome and are grateful for.
  1. As your guests search for each item, they’ll also discover the prompts above that will make them reflect on the things they’re grateful for.

Include various prompts for tangible and sentimental factors. Ask them to find a spot with special meaning, and tell a story behind it. At the end of the activity you will be surprised by heartfelt stories you could have never known. 

If you want to do this game after dinner, I recommend trying out this Gratitude Conversation starter. It will guarantee that everyone will share ideas, and express themselves unimaginably.

A man and a woman standing and playing a Thanksgiving gratitude game, Scavenger Hunt.

2. DIY Gratitude Jar

In this Thanksgiving gratitude game, prepare a table and small jars, colorful papers, pens, boards, beads, ornaments, and paints. Invite them around the table to decorate a thankful jar and write down things they are grateful for. Place these notes in the jars, creating personalized mementos of appreciation.

Come prepared with this cute ceramic gratitude jar with 50 gratitude cards.

As the jars fill up, encourage everyone to take turns sharing their notes with the group. This heartwarming activity fosters a sense of vulnerability and camaraderie, as guests open up about their cherished blessings. Once the jars are complete, everyone can take their creations home as a reminder of the love and gratitude that surrounds them.

A Thanksgiving gratitude game of creating a thanksgiving gratitude jar.

3. Friendly Turkey Trot: Thanksgiving Activity for Adults

Why not kick-start the day with a Friendly Turkey Trot? Gather your guests for a light-hearted run or walk that promotes not only physical activity but also a sense of community. Find a scenic route that allows participants to enjoy the beauty of nature.

In this short activity, anyone can engage with each other in conversations, share stories, and take photos of the view and your family and friends. What a great way to set the tone of the day; reminding everyone to be mindful of their well-being and just absorbing peacefulness from nature.

A woman walking her dogs, an activity to celebrate Thanksgiving for adults and pets.

4. Karaoke Extravaganza

Karaoke has always been part of any celebration, at least in my culture. It allows guests to unleash bottled-up feelings and bring smiles and laughter. 

It’s easy to set up a karaoke machine now. Search on YouTube and you will find karaoke versions of any songs. 

For smaller parties, you can opt for a portable Karaoke Machine. Smaller but surely can blast a crowd.

Encourage your guests to take the stage and showcase their vocal talents. Whether they’re hitting high notes or enjoying a good-natured giggle, the karaoke session will infuse your celebration with energy and entertainment. This activity is perfect for breaking the ice and creating unforgettable moments that will be recounted for years to come.

Adults singing in a karaoke for thanksgiving activity.

5. Trivia Night

Gather your friends and family for a trivia Night that challenges their knowledge and sparks lively conversations. Create trivia questions related to Thanksgiving history, traditions, and even quirky facts about the holiday. Make it more exciting by including trivia about each of the family members or weird and unbelievable trivia.

It could be played by teams or solo and have them compete for the title of Thanksgiving Trivia Champion. The room will be filled with suspense, laughter, and a touch of friendly rivalry. This activity encourages engagement, laughter, and the opportunity to learn something new about the holiday and persons we all know and love.

Adults in a Thanksgiving party, sitting in a sofa. Retro themed party.

6. Outdoor and Board Games Thanksgiving Activity for Adults

Take advantage of the crisp fall weather with an Outdoor Games Extravaganza that brings out the playful spirit in everyone. Set up classic games like sack races, cornhole, and giant Jenga. 

Thanksgiving DIY crafts are a must while hanging outdoors. Get busy and create memories with family and friends with these unfinished crafts for adults.

A Thanksgiving board game is a fun addition to this if you are more in an indoor vibe. Choose a variety of classic or Thanksgiving-themed board games that can be enjoyed by adults.

Thanksgiving board games

  • Pilgrims & Indians: This is a strategy game where players take on the role of either Pilgrims or Native Americans, competing to gather resources and build their settlements.
  • Turkey in Disguise: Players take turns, drawing cards with disguises for their turkeys. The goal is to disguise the turkey well enough to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Thanksgiving-opoly: A Thanksgiving-themed version of the classic Monopoly game, where you buy and trade for Thanksgiving-related properties and items.
  • Turkey Trot: A Thanksgiving Board Game: Players help their turkeys get to the feast by answering trivia questions and completing challenges. The first turkey to reach the feast wins!

Any of these activities will guarantee excitement, and hours of laughter and foster a sense of cooperativeness and shared fun. 

Adult couples playing a video game for Thanksgiving.

7. Thanksgiving Activity Photo Booth for Adults

Capture moments of thankfulness with a photo booth. Set up a space and provide props, backdrops, and frames that relate to the spirit of the celebration. Have your family and friends take fun and creative photos that express gratitude and joy. 

Have speech bubbles or signs ready in which they can write what they’re thankful for. The resulting photos will be a collage of heartfelt messages and happy faces, capturing the essence of your Thanksgiving celebration in a visually engaging way. Plus, everyone gets to take home a memento of the day that radiates positivity and togetherness.

Gratitude Photo booth props like mascaras and speech bubble, a thanksgiving actitvity for adults.


Thanksgiving is for all ages. Whether you’re hosting a potluck party, organizing a wine-tasting event, or engaging in outdoor games, there are endless ways to make Thanksgiving memorable. At the end of the celebration no matter how simple or fancy the party, everyone should go home and realize that challenges ahead are part of life and we should not skip a beat to express how grateful we are for big and mundane things in life. So, this year, gather your friends and family and embark on new traditions that will bring joy, gratitude, and togetherness.



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