7 Awesome Ideas to Wrap Money Gifts for Christmas

A load of cash under a wrapped gift AS AN Ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

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Are you tired of the same old gift-giving routine during the holiday season? Want to add an extra layer of excitement to your presents this Christmas? Look no further! In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of creative and clever ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas. Whether you’re giving cash, gift cards, or checks, we’ve got you covered with unique and festive wrapping ideas that will leave your recipients delighted and eager to tear into their gifts.

Genius Ideas to Wrap Money Gifts for Christmas

‘Tis the season of giving, so let’s make it memorable and enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver. We’ll explore various techniques, materials, themes, and ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas not only appreciated but also the talk of the holiday gathering. So, let’s unwrap the magic of wrapping with style and flair!

If money is not for you to give, how about making it more personal with these affordable Christmas gift ideas for under $10?

Now, let’s delve into the exciting world of Ideas to Wrap Money Gifts for Christmas.

Origami Magic- Money Bouquet

Transforming a crisp bill into a work of art is a timeless way to present a cash gift. Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, offers a myriad of possibilities. Consider crafting a delicate money tree, complete with miniature ornaments, or an elegant butterfly to symbolize transformation and growth. These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas not only showcase your thoughtfulness but also serve as keepsakes for years to come.

Transitioning from simplicity to sophistication, origami can also take on more complex forms. Try your hand at crafting a money rose bouquet, an enchanting display that beautifully combines nature’s elegance with the practicality of cash. With a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be amazed at the stunning creations you can achieve.

For an added touch, choose festive origami paper with holiday patterns or colors. You can find paper adorned with snowflakes, reindeer, or other seasonal motifs, enhancing the overall ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

You can hand it as it is, place it in a transparent box, hang it on the Christmas tree, or hold a mini-game show and give it as a prize.

Origami not only adds flair to your money gift but also provides a unique and interactive experience for the recipient.

Puzzle Time

Why not add an element of intrigue to your money gift? Create a puzzle or riddle for the recipient to solve and access their holiday treasure. Scatter clues around the house, each leading to the next, until they reach the ultimate prize—a creatively wrapped money gift. These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas not only engage the recipient but also add an extra layer of excitement to the gift-giving experience.

One way to do this is by placing the money inside a series of nested boxes, each containing a clue or riddle that leads to the next box. The final box reveals the treasure – the money! These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas add an element of surprise and adventure to the gift-giving process.

Another option is to create or buy a maze, crossword puzzle, or scavenger hunt like below, where the answers lead to the location of the hidden money. These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas make for an entertaining gift and provide some holiday-themed brain exercise.

By turning your money gift into a puzzle to solve, you add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the unwrapping process.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on how to execute the Puzzle Time

  1. Choose a Theme

Start by selecting a theme that resonates with the recipient’s interests or the occasion. It could be a holiday-themed riddle, a crossword puzzle, or a scavenger hunt based on their favorite movies, books, or hobbies.

  1. Craft the Clues

Write a series of clues or riddles that lead the recipient from one location to another. Be creative with your wording, and consider incorporating holiday references or inside jokes to make it even more personal.

  1. Hide the Clues

 Place the clues in various locations around your home or a chosen area. Ensure that each clue is well-hidden but possible to find. You can use envelopes, small boxes, or even attach clues to holiday decorations.

  1. Final Clue and Surprise

The last clue should lead the recipient to the final destination where their money gift is hidden. You can place it inside a decorative box, under the Christmas tree, or in a festive stocking.

Sample Puzzle:

Theme: A Christmas Carol Adventure

Clue 1 (Given with the Gift): Guess the Theme

“Start your quest with this gift so bright, it’s a carol to read on a silent night.”

Clue 2 (Hidden in the Kitchen):

“To warm your heart and fill your mug, check where you find your favorite holiday hug.”

Clue 3 (Hidden in the Living Room):

“Where stockings hang and lights do gleam, look for your next clue by the Christmas tree’s beam.”

Clue 4 (Hidden Near the Fireplace):

“By the fire’s warmth, where stories are spun, your final clue waits, soak it all in and have some fun.”

Final Clue (Hidden with the Money Gift):

“Beneath the stars, where dreams take flight, your treasure awaits on this magical night.”

Enjoying the Experience

As your recipient follows the trail of clues, they’ll not only be engaged in a delightful adventure but also feel the excitement of anticipation building with each step. The final revelation of the money gift will be a memorable moment, making your thoughtful gesture even more special.

Remember, the key to a successful puzzle or scavenger hunt is tailoring it to the recipient’s interests and keeping it enjoyable. Whether it’s a holiday-themed adventure or a personalized journey through meaningful places, the effort you put into creating these ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas will be greatly appreciated and long remembered. 

Festive Fabric Wraps

Festve wrapping of gifts using fabric. Why borrow the idea to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Who said cash gifts can’t be beautifully wrapped? Ditch the plain envelopes and opt for a touch of elegance with fabric wrapping. Choose a festive holiday print, like jolly reindeer or classic plaid, and turn it into a stunning gift wrap that evokes the warmth and coziness of the season. Secure the ends with a ribbon or twine, adding a decorative flourish that ties it all together.

For an extra dash of creativity, consider adding a small ornament or a sprig of evergreen to the fabric bundle. These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas enhances the visual appeal and provides a delightful surprise when the recipient unwraps their cash gift.

Bauble Bonanza

Transforming money into a dazzling ornament is a delightful way to make your gift stand out. 

Insert bills into clear, plastic ornaments, adding a touch of glitter or confetti for an extra festive flair. Hang these shimmering treasures on the tree, and watch as your recipients discover their monetary surprise amidst the twinkling lights.

Consider personalizing the ornaments with a handwritten message or the recipient’s name. These small touch of ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas will make the gift feel even more special and cherished.

Jar of Joy

Turn a simple mason jar into a treasure trove of holiday cheer. 

Fill it with an assortment of coins and bills, layering them with festive elements like miniature ornaments, pine cones, or even a sprig of holly. Seal the jar with a lid adorned with a ribbon or twine, adding a decorative touch that exudes rustic charm.

For an added touch of whimsy, consider attaching a handwritten label that reads “Open for Christmas Magic” or “Holiday Happiness Inside.” These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas will set the tone for the joyful surprise that awaits.

Book of Blessings

If your recipient is an avid reader, consider incorporating their love for books into your ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Hollow out a hardcover book, carefully place the cash inside, and reseal it with craft glue. These clever ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas disguises conceal the gift and provide a delightful surprise when they open the pages to find their monetary treasure.

Choose a book with a title or theme with special meaning for the recipient, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift. Whether it’s a classic novel or a motivational tome, these ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas will be a gift they’ll cherish forever.

Ornate Envelopes

Elevate the humble envelope into a work of art with these ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Decorate the exterior with holiday-themed stickers, stamps, or hand-drawn illustrations. Add a sprinkle of glitter or a dash of metallic ink for an extra festive touch. 

These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas not only make the envelope visually appealing but also create a sense of anticipation for what’s inside.

Consider sealing the envelope with a custom wax seal or a decorative sticker to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. These ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas add an extra layer of charm to your money gift, making it a true standout amidst the holiday hustle and bustle.

DIY Money Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a luxurious bubble bath? Now imagine adding an exciting surprise to your soak time—money hidden inside a homemade bubble bath bomb! In this guide, we’ll show you how to create these delightful ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas for yourself or as unique gifts. Not only will you indulge in a relaxing bath, but you’ll also have the thrill of discovering hidden cash. So, let’s dive into the world of DIY ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas- Money Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs and make bath time even more enjoyable!

a stock of Bubble bath bombs. We can hide a surprise inside as an ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Materials You’ll Need

Before we begin, gather the following materials:

1. Baking Soda (1 cup): This serves as the base for your bath bomb.

2. Citric Acid (1/2 cup): It adds the fizziness to your bath bomb.

3. Cornstarch (1/2 cup): Helps bind the ingredients together.

4. Epsom Salt (1/2 cup): Provides relaxation to your bath.

5. Essential Oil (10-20 drops):  Choose your favorite scent for a pleasant aroma.

6. Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (2 tablespoons): Binds the mixture and nourishes the skin.

7. Food Coloring (optional): Add a few drops for color.

8. Water (spray bottle): To moisten the mixture.

9. Small bills or coins: Sealed in plastic. The surprise inside your bath bomb!

10. Mold: You can use silicone molds, muffin tins, or even plastic Christmas ornaments (halved).


Step 1: Mix Dry Ingredients

In a mixing bowl, combine the baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salt. Stir them together until you have a smooth, even mixture. This forms the base of your bath bomb.

Step 2: Add Scent and Color

Now, it’s time to customize your bath bomb. Add 10-20 drops of your chosen essential oil for a delightful fragrance. If you want to add color, put a few drops of food coloring into the mixture. Remember that a little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and mix until you achieve your desired hue.

Step 3: Incorporate the Oils

Pour the olive oil or coconut oil into the mixture. This will help bind the ingredients together and make your bath bomb nourishing for your skin. Stir until the mixture takes on a wet sand-like consistency.

Step 4: Spritz with Water

Using a spray bottle, lightly spritz the mixture with water while stirring continuously. Be cautious not to overdo it; you want the mixture to hold together when squeezed without being too wet. Test it by grabbing a handful and squeezing; it should stick together.

Step 5: Assemble the Bath Bombs

Take your molds and pack them with the bath bomb mixture. If you’re using silicone molds, press the mixture in firmly. If you’re using muffin tins or plastic Christmas ornaments, press the mixture into each half, ensuring they’re packed tightly.

Step 6: Add Money Surprise

Before sealing your bath bombs, insert the small bills or coins into the center of each mold. You can choose the denomination and quantity based on your preference.

Step 7: Seal and Dry

If you’re using silicone molds, press the two halves together firmly to seal your bath bomb. For muffin tins or plastic ornaments, use a spoon to cover the money with more mixture until it’s hidden. Let the bath bombs dry in the molds for at least 24 hours to ensure they’re completely set.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Bubble Bath and Money Surprise

Once your bath bombs have dried, they’re ready to use. Simply drop one into your bathwater, and as it fizzes and dissolves, the money surprise will be revealed. Enjoy a relaxing soak and let the excitement build as you uncover these hidden ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Creating DIY Money Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs is a fun and rewarding project that adds an extra layer of joy to these ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas. Whether you’re making them for yourself or as unique ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas, these bath bombs offer a delightful surprise that makes every soak a memorable experience. 

Save yourself the trouble of collecting materials and check out this Ultimate DIY Bubble Bath Kit.

 Love Explosion Box

A love explosion box, another idea to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

Looking for a unique way to gift money? Try creating an explosion box! These delightful DIY ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas not only add a personal touch to your gift but also hold a surprise – hidden money! Follow our simple guide below to craft your explosion box and make your gift-giving experience unforgettable.

Materials You’ll Need

1. Cardstock or Decorative Paper: For the box structure and decoration.

2. Scissors and Craft Knife: For cutting and trimming paper.

3. Glue or Double-Sided Tape: To assemble the box.

4. Ruler and Pencil: For precise measurements and markings.

5. Decorative Embellishments: Stickers, ribbons, pictures, etc., for personalization.

6. Small Bills or Coins: To hide inside the box.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Gather all the materials you’ll need for this project. Choose colors and patterns that complement the occasion or the recipient’s preferences.

Step 2: Create the Base Box

– Cut out four identical square pieces of cardstock or decorative paper. These will be the base of your explosion box. The size of the squares will determine the final dimensions of your box.

– Score each square in the middle (both horizontally and vertically) to create folding lines. This will allow the box to collapse and explode when opened.

– Assemble the base by gluing or taping the squares together, making sure to align the folding lines.

Step 3: Add Layers and Pockets

– Cut and fold smaller squares or rectangles to create layers inside the box. These will serve as platforms for your decorations and as hiding spots for the money.

– Attach these layers to different heights within the box using glue or tape. Leave some spaces open for inserting the money.

Step 4: Decorate the Exterior

– Cover the outer panels of the box with decorative paper or cardstock. This is where you can get creative with colors, patterns, and themes.

– Add embellishments like stickers, ribbons, or personalized messages to make the box even more special.

Step 5: Hide the Money

– Fold and discreetly tuck small bills or coins into the pockets you created in Step 3. Ensure they’re securely in place but easily accessible.

Step 6: Close and Decorate the Lid

– Create a lid for the box using a slightly larger square of paper. This will fit over the top of the box, keeping it closed until it’s time for the explosion!

– Decorate the lid to match the theme of the box. This could include a heartfelt message or additional embellishments.

Step 7: Gift and Surprise!

When your explosion box is complete, carefully close the lid and present it to the lucky recipient. Watch their face light up as they open the box and discover not only a beautifully crafted keepsake but also a hidden surprise of money inside!

You can make it your own or save time and buy a template, personalize it on your own, and add the big money surprise.

Conclusion- Genius Ideas to Wrap Money Gifts for Christmas

A woman holding a money bouquet. This is a good idea to wrap money gifts for Christmas.

With these clever ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas, you’re sure to spread holiday cheer and make a lasting impression on your loved ones. So, get ready to unwrap a world of creativity and let your holiday spirit shine through! 

Ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas don’t have to be a dull or uninspired task. Turn a simple cash gift into a memorable and exciting experience for both the giver and the recipient.

Origami magic or money trees, puzzle adventures or festive money holders, and the “gift within a gift” approach or the money garland spectacle, there are endless ideas to wrap money gifts for Christmas to add a touch of holiday magic to your money gifts this Christmas.

Remember, it’s not just about the gift itself, but also the thought and care that goes into its presentation. Happy gifting!

If money is not an option for you, here are affordable Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank.



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